What are the main technologies found in Levoit Air Purifiers?

We have four different technologies that are found in Levoit Air Purifiers.

  1. Vortexair Technology: Creates an air vortex that increases the air purifier power and efficiency, distributing more clean air throughout the room.

    • High air pressure, larger circulation
    • Speeds up the air circulation air circulation and improves the air purification efficiency
  2. QuetKEAP Technology (Kinetic Energy Absorption Pad) uses shock pads to reduce noise from the motor and increase abrasion resistance, thus extending the life of the motors.


  1. ARC Formula (Air ReComposition) extends the life of the filter by chemically decomposing the molecules trapped within the Activated Carbon Filter, which prevents oversaturation and second hand pollution.

    • Lasts up to 8 months depending on the location you put it on and how you use it
  2. Airsight Plus - On auto mode, the air purifier uses the AirSight Infrared Particle Sensor to detect air quality and automatically adjust the fan speed to match current conditions.

    • Only applicable to 400+ and 600+
      • Good air quality = The unit is operating at the lowest level
      • Bad air quality = The unit is operating at the highest level

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