Tips when using the 7-Cup Food Processor

  1. When food quantity reaches the bottom of the slicing/shredding disc, remove the food.

  2. A few larger pieces of food may remain on top of the disc after slicing or shredding. If desired, cut these by hand and add to the mixture.

  3. Use the spatula to remove ingredients from the work bowl.

  4. Organize processing tasks to minimize bowl cleanup. Process dry or firm ingredients before liquid ingredients.

  5. To clean ingredients from the multipurpose blade easily, just empty the work bowl, replace the lid, and pulse 1 to 2 seconds to spin the blade clean.

  6. After removing the work bowl cover, place it upside down on the counter. This will help keep the counter clean.

  7. Your Food Processor is not designed to perform the following functions:

    • Grind coffee beans, grains, or hard spices
    • Grind bones or other inedible parts of food
    • Liquefy raw fruits or vegetables
    • Slice hard-cooked eggs or room-temperature meats
  8. If any plastic parts should discolor due to the types of food processing, clean them with lemon juice.

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