Ergonomic Pillows

ProductTempur Symphony Pillow with SmartCool Technology™Tempur Original Pillow with SmartCool Technology™Tempur Millennium Pillow with SmartCool Technology™Tempur Classic Queen PillowTempur Ombracio Pillow with SmartCool Technology™
DescriptionA unique pillow offering flexible comfort and support for back and side sleepers with its gently contouring edges and a thicker profile that follows the natural curvature of your body.Designed for uncompromising neck support and firmness because of its unique shape that will follow the natural curvature of your body.An ergonomic pillow in a firm feel developed with a curved edge and centered notch that precisely encloses and supports your head and neck helps provide correct alignment. While this limits the movement of the person sleeping, it allows tensed and strained muscles to recover.Traditional shaped pillow with functional neck support.It has a unique and huggable ergonomic design that helps you find your most comfortable position for night-long comfort. This soft pillow has a breathable feel because of the micro-cushions inside the pillow.
Sleeping PositionsFor back and side sleepersFor back and side sleepers who don’t just sleep in one position.

More recommended for side sleepers
For back and side sleepers

More recommended for back sleepers who want to relieve neck discomfort.
Perfect for any sleeping position.For stomach or side sleepers

Most recommended for stomach sleepers
BenefitsProvides a gentle elevation on the head without having the need to double the pillow commonly causing strain

Recommended for people with acid reflux and frozen shoulders.
Available in various sizes, so you can choose the size that fits you perfectly.Improves breathing, lessens snoring and good for people experiencing frequent stiff neck.N/ADesigned to elevate and support your shoulders to relieve pressure while you sleep on your stomach, with a cool-to-the touch feel.
Only SizeN/AN/AN/A75 × 40.5 × 11 cm60 × 50 cm
Small63 × 43 × 11 cmN/AN/AN/AN/A
Medium63 × 43 × 12.5 cmN/AN/AN/AN/A
Queen Medium73 × 40 × 12.5 cm61 × 31 × 10 cm64 × 32 × 11 cmN/AN/A
Queen LargeN/A61 × 31 × 11.5 cm64 × 32 × 12.5 cmN/AN/A
Large63 × 43 × 14 cmN/AN/AN/AN/A