What is the mattress technology?

MADE FROM THE BEST Not all mattresses are created equal! At Sealy, we customize your sleep experience with utmost precision and care to provide orthopedic support, absolute conformance, and unparalleled comfort.

SUPPORT Sealy Posturepedic® remains to be the only bedding manufacturer that makes use of twice-tempered PostureTech® Titanium Coils (Ti™) - a revolutionary patented technology that provides proper spinal support and long-lasting comfort.

Made from Titanium alloy - a light, incredibly strong, and durable metal used in both medical and aerospace applications.

UNICASED® EDGE SUPPORT A mattress edge support system used in our Prestige and Advance collections, is a structural innovation that completely surrounds and locks into the mattress coil system, providing unmatched stability, a wider sleeping surface, and a stronger seating edge.

COMFORT Sealy Posturepedic® mattresses make use of breathable smart fabrics that combine a highly effective moisture management technology with an innovative antibacterial finish based on silver ions. This ensures that your mattress will stay cool, fresh and dry during your sleep - night after night.

DURABILITY Our twice-tempered PostureTech® Titanium Coil retains 98% of their height and performance even after years of use, resulting in a more durable mattress with longer lasting comfort.

LIFTRIGHT™ WRAP HANDLES Wrap handles are located on each corner and side of the mattress as additional gripping points to make moving your mattress easier.

STAYTIGHT® FOUNDATION COVER Sealy Posturepedic® mattresses employ rubberised fabric that grips your sheets to help keep them in place for a tidier looking bed.

SHOCK ABZZORBER FOUNDATION Sealy Duraflex Boxspring - the perfect complementary investment for all Sealy Posturepedic® mattresses.

The Shock Abzzorber foundation, with Torsion bar, absorbs and disperses the shocks and stresses placed on the mattress every day to ensure your bed set's long lasting durability.