How long can Ice Substitutes stay cold?

There is no specific time on how long can Ice Substitutes stay cold. These all depend on the following factors:

What cooler is being used?

  • Hard coolers will retain the coldness longer compared to a soft cooler thus making the ice substitutes last longer when using a hard cooler.

What's the outside temperature?

  • If the environment is warm, it will defrost faster.

How often is the cooler opened?

  • Ice substitutes will defrost faster the more times the cooler is being opened.

How many ice subs are in the cooler?

  • If you place more ice subs ice substitutes, it will keep the temperate lower which will keep it cold for a longer period of time.

Since the temperature in the Philippines is warmer, it can last as long as 3-4 hours on average depending on use and above factors.